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    ITT Testimonials

    These are testimonials from some of our recent GT Programme Graduates (this course is now run as School Direct Salaried).

    Jade Boddy – Trainee 2012-2013 Business Studiesjade

    The GTP course at Southfields Academy met and exceeded my expectations.  The way the  course was run has ensured that I started my NQT with all the skills I need to move on in my teaching career.  We were delivered sessions by experts in that particular field who were not only there on the day but contactable at any point during and after the course.  the sessions also gave us a sense of community with the fello GTPs who were an invaluable support network in the harder times.

    The course is the most challenging learning curve I’ve ever embarked upon.  It would have been impossible to reach the end of it were it not for the amazing support of my mentor, team members, course leaders and the other teachers at Southfields, most of which have come through the GTP route.  In fact, the whole school has a very supportive ethos towards trainee teachers.

    I believe there is no better place to train as a teacher.  The mixture of the challenging nature of some of the students and the huge amount of support make it an invaluable experience.  I decided to stay at Southfields Academy for my NQT year and hopefullmelaniey beyond that as the support I’ve received is second to none.  I have recently been made Head of Business Studies and Economics.

    Melanie Cunnane – Trainee 2012-2013 English

    I feel very lucky to have trained at Southfields.  I had the opportunity to learn from excellent teachers – both through observation and formal instruction – and was able to get involved with teaching classes from day one.  The course was tailored to my own needs through regular meetings with my mentor, and the core sessions provided innovative ideas as well as theoretical perspectives.  Throughout the year, I felt fully supported by the English department and the teaching school.  I would highly recommend training at Southfields!

    Nicola Frost – School Direct 2016-2017 Mathematics

    I feel very fortunate to have been trained by Southfields last year.  I was nervous as a student coming into teaching late in their career.  However the programme was clear and structured from the start.  Every speaker was experienced, with valuable insights from their own careers as well as being sympathetic to the challenges faced by new teachers.  In addition the one dedicated day per week at the school, I also felt supported by the training staff whilst working off site in my placement school (salaried direct programme).  Coaching, advice and school to school communication (mentor training), on my behalf, were a natural part of the programme and fundamental to my ultimate success on the course.  I would recommend the school, as a route into teaching, without hesitation.

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