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    ITT Testimonials

    These are testimonials from some of our recent School Direct trainees.


    Sarah – School Direct Salaried English 2016-2017

    One of the best things I have ever done.  I now feel confident as a teacher because I had such fantastic training.  If you want hands-on experience with exceptional professionals then this is the route for you!  I completed my year with the grade ‘outstanding’ and I could not be happier.

    Nicola – School Direct Mathematics 2016-2017 

    I feel very fortunate to have been trained by Southfields last year.  I was nervous as a student coming into teaching late in their career.  However the programme was clear and structured from the start.  Every speaker was experienced, with valuable insights from their own careers as well as being sympathetic to the challenges faced by new teachers.  In addition the one dedicated day per week at the school, I also felt supported by the training staff whilst working off site in my placement school (salaried direct programme).  Coaching, advice and school to school communication (mentor training), on my behalf, were a natural part of the programme and fundamental to my ultimate success on the course.  I would recommend the school, as a route into teaching, without hesitation.

    Jim – School Direct PGCE Drama 2017-2018

    Southfields Teaching School prepares you for every eventuality, and exposes you to a wide range of styles and expertise.  I cannot recommend training at Southfields highly enough!

    Uzair – School Direct Salaried Economics 2017-2018

    School Direct is definitely the best teaching route to go down.  No other route prepares you for real teaching as much as the SD course does.

    Chris – School Direct Salaried Biology 2017-2018

    I’m so glad to have chosen this training route, as I spent most the time ‘on the ground’ in an immersive teaching experience.

    Stefan – School Direct PGCE Business Studies 2017-2018

    A fantastic school to train at, with great support from all staff throughout the year.  From the beginning, my colleagues treated me as a member of the department, giving me the opportunity to take on responsibilities and really learn what it takes to be a good teacher.

    Hyrun – School Direct Salaried Chemistry 2018-2019

    The level of support available here is exemplary.  At no point did I ever feel lost or as if I had no one to turn to.  The staff are very friendly as well.  The GPS sessions were excellent with lots of top tips from the experts.  The mentors here are second to none!  Southfields Academy is such a diverse school, that one will get to see every aspect of teaching life and hence obtain a very rich experience, that other schools might not be able to offer.


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