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    School Direct Salaried Route

    This section is for those interested in training to be a teacher following the School Direct Salaried Route. This section provides information on how Southfields Academy runs this course and how to apply.

    “We look to recruit, not only trainees who have a good knowledge of their subject, but who are also good role models for our students. Indeed many of our trainees have been students at our own schools who have achieved highly at university and want to enthuse the current generation of students to achieve as highly as they have done.”

    Course Information:
    The course at Southfields is for secondary teaching only.

    Course details:
    Southfields prides itself on its expertise in training teachers to use assertive discipline and positive behaviour management strategies. The core course begins with the main worry of many aspiring teachers; will I be able to manage the class? Management is very much part of Professional Values and Practice and trainees are inducted by a combined process of showing and telling.

    All trainees take the core course. As part of the core course, but linked to the subject-specific elements of the course, all trainees have several lessons recorded. These are discussed with Frankie Dixie, the ITT Programme Leader and Head of Department/Mentor.

    There are between one and three core course sessions each week and a one hour subject specific session with the subject tutor. The core sessions are all recorded and put in to our library so that the sessions can be watched if missed.

    Trainees meet with mentors on a weekly basis.

    Every trainee keeps a reflective journal to aid their development, to focus mentor sessions and to act as cumulative record of progress.

    Why train at Southfields:
    Teacher training at Southfields puts you into the classroom from the very first day in school. You will be observing skilled practitioners from the outset.

    Being seen as the best EBITT in the country is a just reward for all the outsanding trainees who have now become Advanced Skills Teachers and returned to deliver on our School Direct course.

    We take care of our trainees, making sure that they are fully prepared for the classroom before they are given classes. The teaching load in the three terms of training varies greatly. Typically, the trainees begin by observing in the first part of the Autumn Term and slowly move into teaching via assisting in the classroom and team-teaching. In the latter half of the Spring term, the trainee’s timetable will peak at 60% and then tail off in the Summer term to give time for compiling the portfolio of evidence for the final assessment.

    Typically, trainees begin by assisting the class teacher. They move on to team teaching and then to teaching with the class teacher as support. Finally, and only when they are ready, they move to teaching solo (with the regular teacher observing and supporting).

    Support is always at hand, whether it be with questions of subject knowledge, teaching expertise or help with classroom management. All trainees have a mentor as well a core course tutor.

    Southfields has a great, and continually growing, reputation for expertise in classroom management techniques. Southfields has been visited by representitives of many schools situated across the London area, from Uxbridge to Hornsey, Battersea to Croydon. When Ofsted visited us last time in 2013 they told us we were a Good provider.

    One of the key features of our training is that trainers of the professional studies component of the programme are experienced teachers whom the trainees can hear describe strategies and then go and observe them actually putting this into action in the classroom.

    During the first two terms trainees will take part in a Core Course that gives them grounding in how to plan, how to run a classroom, how to manage resources, as well as explaining the legal framework of teaching and giving them an understanding of the complexities of secondary education. All trainees have experience in two schools.

    We are heavily oversubscribed and look to select trainees that can demonstrate a commitment to the students we have and show great enthusiasm for the subject they want to train to teach.

    How to apply?:

    1. To apply for a training place you must go through the UCAS Teacher Training Admissions System.

    2. Download the Job Description and Person Specification here. SD_JD

    3. If you are invited to interview you will need to present originals of your:

    Degree certificate (with module breakdown) with a classification of at least 2:2.

    GCSE Mathematics certificate.

    GCSE English Language certificate.

    If you have other equivalent qualifications you must also present a copy of your UK NARIC letter.

    If you do not have these you are strongly advised to apply for replacements now.

    4. Your application should show that you have at least 2 weeks recent experience of working or observing in secondary schools.

    5. If you do not have these minimum qualifications you should arrange to pass these before applying via:



    St Mary’s University, Twickenham


    Kings College London.

    6. A Disclosure and Barring Service check will be made for all applicants who are offered a place.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Does Southfields participate in primary teaching training?

    No, the Southfields SD scheme is for secondary training only. For those interested in primary training, please see Wandsworth Primary E.B.I.T.T, St. Mary’s Web site or contact the National College of Teaching and Leadership, who will be able to assist you on primary teaching schools in London.

    I’m not sure if teaching is the profession for me, can I find out before applying?
    If you are not sure that teaching is for you contact us or arrange work experience through the S.E.P. or our S.T.E.P.

    When does the course start?
    The course runs from September to July, a full academic year.

    How long is the course?
    Normally one year, 3 school terms. School terms starts from September and ends in July.

    How many places are there?
    Check back for this information.

    How much is the grant for the School Direct Salaried Route?
    Trainees are paid Scale 1 of the Unqualified Teacher Pay Scale. Currently £20,548 but £24,000 for Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

    What qualifications are needed for the School Direct Salaried Route?
    Normally, good honours (2:1 or above) degree (B.A or BSc) in the subject you wish to teach and GCSEs, at grade C or above, in English and Mathematics (you need a grade C or above in Science if you wish to train to be a P.E. teacher). All trainees must have passed their numeracy and literacy skills tests before interview.

    Does the Training School have any open days?
    No, although those wishing to view Southfields may do so by arranging a tour. See the contacts page for more information.

    How do I apply?
    You can now apply by accessing UCAS Teacher Training.

    Do trainees have to have any checks before they are given a placement?
    All trainees must have a police, health and a qualifications check. A Criminal Records Bureau check is carried out to ensure that workers have no criminal record which would debar them from working with children and vulnerable adults.

    If you have any further questions, please contact us.