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    Assessment Only Route to QTS

    If you have substantial experience of working as a teacher, this route to QTS could be for you.

    It is not a training course.  It is designed for anyone who has been working as an unqualified teacher, who meets the entry requirements and is ready to be assessed against the Teacher’s Standards.

    The DfE Teacher’s Standards can be found here.

    You must have been working as an unqualified teacher not in a supporting role (e.g. as a Teaching Assistant or Cover Supervisor).

    This route may be suitable for Overseas Trained Teachers who are now working in the UK.

    Eligibility for the AOR.

    You need to meet the following requirements:

    • At least two years’ experience of teaching the English National Curriculum (including planning lessons, delivering lessons, assessing pupils etc.).
    • Experience of teaching whole classes (not one-to-one tutoring).
    • Teaching experience in two schools.
    • A portfolio of evidence from your two school experiences.
    • Qualifications which meet the usual requirements for teacher training.
    • Support from your employing school.

    See further detail on the requirements in our Eligibility Checklist for AOR candidates – revised 2018 and AOR Frequently Asked Questions – revised Nov 2018

    What we offer

    Southfields Academy Teaching School SCITT is an accredited AO provider.

    We specialise in secondary level assessment in the 11-19 age range.

    Our staff will:

    •  advise you on the process,
    • check your application,
    • carry out an initial scrutiny of your evidence,
    • meet with you and your mentor from your employing school,
    • observe you on at least two occasions,
    • provide feedback and any action points to be resolved,
    • carry out the final assessment of your teaching and
    • award QTS.

    Please note that you will not be allowed to progress if you are not ready or not eligible and you may be charged for the part of the process which has been undertaken.

    The assessment period of 12 weeks can start at any time convenient to you, your school and the Assessor.  It may straddle two terms.

    We operate mainly in the London/Surrey borders area as our Assessors need to travel to your school to observe your teaching.

    For primary level assessment check the DfE list of accredited AO Providers.  Or try the following in SW London: Wandsworth Primary Schools Consortium

    For more information

    See the following documents for full details of the process and the fees: Timeline for AOR to QTS – Revised 2018Eligibility Checklist for AOR candidates – revised 2018 and AOR Frequently Asked Questions – revised Nov 2018

    To apply

    There are two parts to the application.

    Part 1 for the candidate and Part 2 for the employing school.

    Download Part 1 (Applicant) Application form for AOR – Part 1 candidate – revised 2018and Part 2 (host school Headteacher) Application form for AOR – Part 2 headteacher – revised 2018.

    If you have any queries please contact us:

    Carol Gray, ITT Administrator, training@southfieldsacademy.com

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